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How do I limit the usage of a subscriber per month?

In the 'Quota usage' table there is an entry for each customer and carrier included in the database. Update the 'Quota' field of a record to set a limit in Euros for a subscriber.

Subscriber		Quota	Notified		This month	20	0000-00-00 00:00:00	0

When the count in This_month exceeds the quota and the Notified field is updated with the date and hour when the limit was reached.

Subscriber		Quota	Notified		This month	20	2012-10-25 10:30:00	20

The system automatically sets to '1' the 'Blocked' field of the subscriber's entry in the Customers or Carriers table. To unblock a subscriber simply update this field with a '0'.

How do I set up a block of DID numbers?

First make a new entry in the 'Profiles' table with the 'Carrier' field set to 'DIDRANGE', and link it to a rate in the 'Rates' table specifying the range of numbers you own. Then you can associate a customer with a number within this range in 'DIDclients'. A more detailed explanation can be found here.

How can I set up customer profiles with prefix dialing?

In the 'Profiles' table, make as many entries with the same profile name as prefixes you want to set. The prefix is defined in the 'Tech_prefix' field and it must have two digits.

Profile		Rate		Carrier		Tech_prefix

Each profile should be tied to a different rate set. Customers linked to this profile can choose between different rate sets by dialing (prefix)#(called number). Note the rates linked to this profiles will only be available by dialing the prefix, so it may be necessary to have a default rate set for when no prefix is dialed.

How can I setup different gateways for the same carrier?

Make an entry in the 'Carriers' table for each gateway you want to add. The carrier name and the profile should be the same, while in the 'Post_location' field you have to set the different gateways.

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