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x164 is routing-as-a-service The x164 database contains rate tables of carriers around the world.

  • x164 staff uploads standardized rate tables from providers like Voicetrading
  • x164 users upload their propriety rate tables
  • Carrier data exchange, over 3000 carriers

The x164 softswitch is a ready-configured, opensource softswitch which communicates with the x164 database. The softswitches of the x164 members update continuously the x164 database with statistical information. The softswitch can be hosted by the user or by x164.

Alternatively users can use their own softwitches retrieving raw routing data from the database.


  • Work reduction by automatic rates updates
  • Find the most profitable route on every call
  • Opensource softswitch to download
  • least-cost, quality or profit-based routing logic, maximizing call-duration and margin
  • Private rate/route tables with private quality statistics

Release notes and Roadmap: see Roadmap

New on x164? Watch the Video Tutorials and check the Documentation

What is x164?


Routing - Rating Platform

Main Features

Preloaded Rate tables and statistics

Collective Cherry-picking

Central Web-based Management

Softswitch on own hardware or in the cloud
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