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x164 has been built from a commercial point of view, to make profits.

Know the client tariff when doing the routing decision. Most softswitch platforms use client tariffs only for rating the call, to determine the call charges. Routing decisions, where to terminate the call are usually made according to groupings of provider routes. One would setup different quality groups and assign these termination qualities to different client groups. Such static routing is bad and inflexible.

x164 knows the client tariff at the routing stage and can route dynamically, according to client tariff, provider tariff, quality metrics. The routing decision happens in realtime and is not pre-configured.

Realtime statistics Most softswitch platforms collect statistics and periodically enable/disable routes depending on quality metrics. x164 updates statistics in realtime and takes them into consideration in realtime on the next call. On every call x164 sorts available routes according to metrics and hits them until it finds a free route. This approach is vastly superior because it allows bad routes to recover. Also it allows to match inferior routes to lower paying clients, e.g. some rock-bottom-paying wholesale client might be routed to a not-so-good but very cheap route, which might actually turnout too be not so bad after all.

No static destination tables Most softswitch platforms use static destinations tables where destinations are matched to dialing codes. Unfortunately such destination tables are always outdated because codes change frequently. Using such static destination tables opens oneself for being cherry-picked as customers hit destinations with wrong codes. x164 works only with dialing codes, destination names are treated just as labels for dialing codes. The major advantage of this approach is that missing or wrong codes in rate tables cannot produce unforeseen losses.

No loss-making calls x164 blocks unprofitable calls observing currency exchange rates, timezones etc.

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